Come A Long Way

by Skayaman

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"Come A Long Way" is the 3rd single from the forthcoming debut album by Skayaman , recordeed and produced in the MoreFreeVibe studios.

Come a long , yes you’ve come along way
Still so much to grow , woaoh
Come a long , yes you’ve come a long way
Come a long yes, come along
Come a long , yes you’ve come a long way
And you’l never go give up, never go give in no.

Obstacles, stand in the way
We can overcome, overcome
Worries tell , them a fade
like the setting sun , setting sun
Although I might stumble, I do my best to never grumble
Keep having fun, having fun
The way that you perceive it it’s the way you will recieve it,
what you become , what you become

You are teacher , im a believer
Listen yourself and you will receive
The strength, the wisdom, patience & clarity
Livin the moment and learnin from tragedy
I ,wont panic in the havoc
Stand firm, solid roots
Loves the key and I have it
I know, when im put to the test
Every second matters
Don’t waste it on stress

When you look in the mirror, You look in your eyes
Theres no where to run, theres no where to hide
The truth is clear ,when u listen inside
The ancient Soul, The Highest guide
Give thanks to you ,for what you’ve done
Feel you love, Like light of sun
Appeciate What you’ve Become
Stay Humble Each one will teach One


released July 14, 2016

Come A Long Way

Written by Tom Spirals

Produced & Mixed by Escape Roots/Finn Todd @ MoreFreeVibe Studios

Tom Spirals - Vocals/Guitar
James Balchin - Guitar
Liam Shorthall - Trombone
Duncan Marc Horn - Saxophone
Tomi Garside - Drums
Robin Lloyd - Bass
Polo Myas - Organ/Keys

Artwork by Agram Art




MoreFreeVibe Glasgow, UK

MoreFreeVibe is an international collective on the first line of defence against negativity and bad vibes. Wielding musical energy and homemade technology we are fully equipped to deal with the monotonous tones of corruption and scare mongering


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